What if a sailor makes a big hole in his boat?


Ha ha.  I’ll spare you further ridiculousness, and give you Priscilla’s account instead:

The train ride to Helsinki went fine. When I boarded in St. Petersburg I was sharing with two guys who were both asleep or trying to be. One person had slept but had deboarded before I arrived. I tried to be as quiet as possible.

It was a very fancy cabin. I had a bottom bunk, for the first time since my trip to the Belarus border 😉 .

It was the same kind of cabin, be it even nicer. I got a complimentary meal that is actually in my pack for later. And a toothbrush and shoehorn. Very fancy. I also had complimentary hot drinks.

Anyway, one of the guys got off before the border crossing and the other shortly after we entered Finland so for the end of the trip, when I woke up in the morning I had the cabin all to myself.
The Russian border control was weird they kept looking at both the picture in the passport and the one on my visa. She seemed to think they were not the same person. She then showed a colleague and then held on to my passport for a few extra minutes for no obvious explanation.

When she finally returned it I was relieved. And then went promptly back to sleep even though the door was open and the light in the hall was on.

When about an hour or two later, I’m not really sure because I totally lost track of time, the Finnish border control went by -that was so quick. And I was able to go right back to sleep.
The door stayed open for the rest of the time till the last guy left. It was really nice because our cabin was so hot.

I got into Helsinki around 10:20 I think. First I went straight for the tourist information, saw a few sites around there and then the map I picked up suggested a walking tour of the city. I did it, well I sort of cut it short at the end cause I was afraid of getting to the ferry late. Boarding starts at 4:30 and I’ve already been here for at least 35 minutes.

The ferry leaves at 5:30 and we’re supposed to start boarding in 3 minutes.

Oh, I also picked up some free bread along my walk today so I keep getting free food and I’ll arrive back home with more food than when I left 😬



‘When he was forced to sign the harsh Moscow Peace Treaty in March 1940, Kallio quoted freely from the Book of Zechariah, saying: “May my hand, which is forced to sign such a paper, wither.” His right arm was paralysed the following summer, and he was forced to switch his writing hand.’

— Wikipedia



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