How Priscilla got back on track

First, Miriam saved the day.  She sorted Priscilla’s travel plans–ticket, luggage, even check-in for her flight– and listened and encouraged.  So Priscilla set out to enjoy a day of exploring Warsaw, planning to sleep in the airport before her flight to Moscow.

Off she set, map in hand.  Then she ran into a lovely kind woman we’ll call Ms. Iksinska, who noticed our heroine looking at her map.  She offered to show Priscilla a park she’d hoped to see.  So they went to the park, which was delightful (see below), and then Ms. Iksinska invited Priscilla to stay at her home rather than the airport floor.  And so she did!  She kept waking in the night to check the time, determined not to oversleep.

And then her phone inexplicably turned itself off in the wee hours of the morning … and she woke up two and a half hours later than she meant to.  Ten minutes later she was dressed, packed, and waiting for the bus.  It took a while, and so did the security line, and her gate was the second to last, but she still made her plane.

And ta-da, back on track (albeit not on a train) and headed for Moscow.

Now for pictures!





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