En route to Minsk, part two

So there was a huge change in my plans. I’m not going to Minsk after all. Around midnight I was woken up by border guards from Belarus. This was the second time, as we had been checked 2 hours earlier by the Polish border control.

After a long discussion and my dear roommate interceding for me they informed me that I could not enter Belarus without a transit visa, and even though the embassy in Belgium said I could get one on arrival, that is only possible if flying. So after more discussion, I was escorted off the train by guards in green-khaki and very large hats.

I was told I would have to go back to Poland, to Polska to the consulate to get a visa. The train back would be at 6am. By then, it was 1. I figured there was nothing to do but try to sleep. I pulled out my sleeping bag, and curled up in a corner of the border controlled area if the station. Officers walked back and forth all night, and the floor was quite cold. But I did get some sleep. The last hour I slept quite well.

I’d put an alarm on to get up and get myself packed up again before 6. Around 5:45 an officer came back, with my passport and the address for the consulate. I reminded him that today is Sunday he smiled and said it would have to wait till Monday then.
Now I’m on a train back to Warsaw. At the Polish border control, my car manager walked with me to an ATM so I could pay for my ticket, then we went over to a small 7/11-like store were she bought meat. The Polish are certainly serious about their meats!



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