En route to Minsk, part one

A two-year-old is climbing and jumping on me so this post is directly copied and pasted from our heroine:


I’m on the train to Minsk, we just started moving, but my car doesn’t seem to exist, so I’m hanging out in a compartment until it gets worked out.
This compartment is much nicer than the one I’m supposed to have, cause, I know that I always took the very cheapest possible, and this is nice.

So this is what happened. They made me get off again at the next station. There, they told me in Polish to stay right where I was and wait. It was quite funny cause I was not understanding them so they were getting quite frustrated. But then, I finally got it. So there was a guy on the platform, a guy on the train and a guy on the tracks standing between the platform and the train. All were telling quite forcefully to stay were I was. The guy on tracks came over after a while and tried telling me in Russian only to realize that I spoke English. He smiled and said couldn’t help then cause he spoke no English. I just repeated, I don’t move, I stay right here. So they split the train. The first two cars were taken away, then they came back on the neighboring track and moved back behind the part of the train that hadn’t moved, so we couldn’t see it anymore. And then, as if it were a magic trick it moved forward again and 2 more car were now attached to it. Not sure where they came from. Then the man on the platform pointed out that one of those had my car number… I was saved.
Now I’m sharing my cabin with a very sweet lady named Valentina. She is from Russia I believe. She’s showing me the ropes. For example, we have a sink in our cabin. It was just hidden under a table. I would have never looked there.

Correction, she is from Bulgaria but also has a Russian passport. She is traveling to Minsk to see her mother and brother. If I understood correctly she is 63, her daughter is 44. She didn’t say how old her is , but she’s gotta be pretty old.



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